The case of the Borgias
  • Format: 1x45 min documentary
  • Genre: Historical documentary
  • Production Company: Caligari Film
  • Broadcaster: ZDF
  • Television Premiere: 19.10.2011, ZDF, 22:25-23:10
  • Producer: Friedrich Steinhardt
  • Broadcaster: ZDF
  • Screenplay: Thomas Palzer, Friedrich Steinhardt
  • Director: Su Turhan
  • Camera: Stefan Karle, Gerd Gügel, Susana Sanz Revert
  • Film Editing: Elke Steinhardt
  • Specialist Counselling: Dr. Uwe Neumahr, Prof. Dr. Marina Münkler, Helmut Markwort

Incest, sexual excess, corruption, cronyism, fratricide  – there is no cardinal sin that cannot be linked to the Borgias: Pope Alexander VI., his son Cesare and Lucrezia his daughter. This documentary explores whether or not the Borgias were brutal and ruthless power seekers who would stop at nothing to maintain their power.

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